AUSTRALIA’S most important building site has been completed.

The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, has been built on the site of the old Indian Ocean city of Port Moresby.

Key points:Architects have created a unique structure using an open-air systemArchitectural experts say the building will “be like nothing we’ve ever seen”The site, on the banks of the Red Sea, has an underground river and is considered to be one of the most challenging places to construct a large building site.

The Burj, built in the 11th century, is the world headquarters of the world financial elite and has the world heritage status of being one of only three sites worldwide with two intact buildings intact.

Its unique structural system, in which the waterway is “filled with concrete”, has been designed to allow for the water to drain into the site.

“I think that the structure is unique,” said architect Jyoti Gupta of the Burji Group.

“It’s not just a tall building that’s sitting on a lot of bricks.

This is a very unusual structure that’s been designed for a different purpose.”

Architecture experts say that the Burje is an example of a type of building that can withstand the rigours of building.

“They are very complex buildings, so you can’t build a building that is simple in the way that you might expect,” said Peter Jones, from the architectural firm of Jones & Jones.

“Architecturally, it is very, very hard to build this type of structure, because you have to work with a lot more concrete than we normally expect.”

So, it’s not a building like we might expect from a building site, and you don’t see it on a regular basis, but you do see it all the time.”‘

A very special site’The Burje was initially intended to be used for military and diplomatic purposes, but is now being used for the construction of an iconic hotel.

The architects say it will be “like nothing we’re ever going to see” when it is finished.”

There are a lot, and I would say a lot are still being worked on, and the site has a very special place in the minds of the local people,” said Mr Jones.

Architector Jyotir Gupta says the Burjan Khalifa is a “very special site”.”

This is a city that has been around for so long, and it’s an iconic city that people have an attachment to.

“People are very keen on this building, and they will be very, quite, keen to see it when it’s completed,” he said.

“We’re working on it to make sure it’s a really, really good project.”

The Burjan was designed by an Italian architect, Francesco Tognoni, with a team of Italian architects from the Turin-based firm A. Togni, which includes Italian architect Giorgio Cunie.

The structure consists of six interconnected levels and is covered with concrete.

“When the structure was first designed, it was designed to accommodate a huge building,” Mr Jones said.

The team of architects is currently in the process of designing a third level, which is to house the hotel.”

It’s a unique system of structures, it looks like it was built to take a very particular form.”

The team of architects is currently in the process of designing a third level, which is to house the hotel.

Mr Jones said the Burja was also designed to be the first building in the world to be able to withstand flooding.

“The building is designed to have very good water-retaining capacity, it will take the flood water and it will keep the water from coming in to the site and then when it rains the building won’t collapse,” he explained.

Mr Jones added that while the Buraj’s water-recovery capacity was not as impressive as other buildings, the site was one of many that had the potential to be built with the same technology.

“This site has one of two places where the water has already been brought into the buildings and that’s through the pipes that run into the walls,” he noted.

The Burji’s second level is a unique underground river, which forms a channel through the entire building.

The team is now finalising plans for the fourth and fifth levels.

The final version of the project will be a six-story building.

Mr Gupta said the structure would be a “giant”.

“I would say that this building is probably the biggest building ever built in India.

I think that it will have a massive impact on the city of London,” he remarked.”

London is a pretty big city, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what’s going on with the Burjas.”

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