Build an eagle house out of Lego bricks and other construction materials, and you’ll be ready to rent out your space in the summer.

The DIY eagle house project from the New Zealand architecture website Gizmodo shows off the construction skills needed to make the house out in the field.

The house is powered by a solar panel and solar energy and is built with Lego bricks, plywood, PVC, and concrete.

The project is just over three months old and the design is already evolving.

“We’ve built it on a little bit of a whim and it just got bigger and bigger and we’ve got a lot of different Lego pieces in it,” project lead Hannah Clements told Gizmo.

“It’s actually pretty much a big Lego house.”

The finished product looks amazing.

The house is made of Lego construction equipment and a solar power plant, as well as a water tank, a water tower, and a large deck for the birds to enjoy.

The eagle house also has a giant water tank and an aquarium on the back deck.

This is an important detail for the water in the water, as the birds will need to swim in the tank during the summer months.

The project was originally created as a project to support the Wellington-based construction company Gizmos, which specializes in building buildings for the construction industry.

The company also runs the site, Gizmes, as a full-time job, and is currently looking to expand to other parts of the country.

The Gizmos site in the city of Wellington, New Zealand.

The website says the project is open to all ages, and the project will be a fun way for kids to build a family home.

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