Construction workers are preparing to start work on a $400 million concrete home for the wealthy.

The new house is the first concrete home built by a company based in New Zealand that was commissioned by the Government.

The construction company, Tinkoff-Saxo, is planning to build a large new home on a 40-acre site on a farm in the Waikato.

The site was chosen for the new home after it was assessed as a potential housing site by the Waikele Valley Community Land Trust, which is owned by the government.

The Trust said the site was “very remote” and “uniquely suited to the needs of a large population of people”.

It was assessed in 2016 by the National Heritage Area Council (NHAC), which works with communities to ensure their heritage values are protected and the surrounding environment is preserved.NHAC said it was “committed to supporting the preservation of the Waikeru Valley”.

The trust’s chief executive, Paul Keneally, said the new site would be a “huge development” and would “have a very high impact on the Waikinga and the Waichana”.

The new homes will have four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a pool.

It is believed the homes will be completed in 2020.

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