“I made it up,” said the construction worker who was caught on camera telling police he was a member of a “pro-Trump” group.

The “Trump group” was filmed telling a construction worker they needed to “get the jobs done” in the middle of construction in a video released by the Los Angeles Police Department on Tuesday.

The construction worker, whose identity has not been released, pleaded guilty to three counts of making false statements to police.

He faces up to five years in prison.

“It’s really sad.

I’m very sorry that I have to take responsibility for this,” the construction employee said in the video.

“I was trying to make it up.”

He said he was in his late 20s and a “professional” with a history of making the hoaxes and “had no idea what this group was.”

“I never thought it would be that serious,” he said.

“Just to see the video is just really sad.”

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