The best building boots are the ones that you can wear in the morning, at the office, and even during the day, according to a new study from Rte.

The company’s new “Building Boot Challenge” programme aims to identify the best shoes for each job.

“Building boots are designed to protect against falls, impact, damage and even to keep you dry in a hot environment,” says the website.

“They are made of leather, a natural insulating material, and designed to keep your feet dry.” 

A typical RTE Building Boot Challenge survey found that the shoes are designed with the wearer in mind to help prevent the wearer from falling over, while also offering protection from heat and cold. 

A number of shoes also have ventilation holes on the sides, which are meant to help with breathability. 

“The design of a building boot is designed to reduce the risk of the wearer slipping on wet floors or wet floors in a dry environment,” the website reads.

“This can be especially important in buildings where people are often in close proximity to each other.”

The study also found that “the majority of footwear has vents, and this means you can breathe in and out with ease”. 

“You need a great fit to ensure your feet stay dry, which means a fit that fits your feet well,” the RTE website continues.

“The best footwear will fit you perfectly.

Our expert design team will design a fit for you that fits perfectly.” 

“Our expert design teams will design boots for your specific needs.”

The RTE building boot challenge will run until June 1st. 

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