By KATIE KARMAN and KEVIN A. HALL | Staff reporterFox SportsThe construction industry has jumped to the forefront of the economic recovery and has seen a surge in construction jobs over the past year.

The construction sector added 11,000 construction jobs in September, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That is a nearly 5,000-job increase over September 2016.

Construction firms are getting ready to hire more than 100,000 workers this year, said Matt Biesecker, president and CEO of the Construction Manufacturers Association of America.

The association is part of the National Association of Manufacturers.

The growth has come in response to the rise in construction construction jobs, which grew by more than 1 million last year, according the BLS.

Construction jobs grew by 9.2 percent in 2018 and by 9 percent in 2019.

Bieecker says that the industry is now on pace to post an annual job gain of 12 percent in 2020.

That would put it well ahead of the national average for construction jobs of 4.3 percent, according an industry analysis by the BIS.

The trend is particularly evident in the Northeast, where construction jobs increased by 7.4 percent last year.

The growth was fueled by a boost in the number of jobs in the construction trades, the B-2B, or large, multi-family aircraft manufacturing industry, which has been a strong growth area in the region for several years.

Construction jobs in New York City grew by 1.5 percent, followed by Philadelphia at 2.8 percent, Washington at 3.5 and Baltimore at 3 percent.

Construction is a major industry for cities in the Midwest, where many of the jobs have been created.

Construction is also growing in Texas and Georgia, with the industry accounting for about 15 percent of total construction jobs.

Construction companies in the states are seeing a surge of interest in building and renovation.

Biesecker says the growth has been especially strong in New England, where the region’s economic fortunes have been buoyed by the rise of oil and gas drilling and new technology.

Biering, Mass.-based construction firm Osrs Construction and Management Certification has hired more than 90,000 people, more than doubling its previous year payroll.

The company has also expanded its construction portfolio by investing in technology and construction projects.

The firm has a manufacturing operation in the area and a business expansion in Georgia, said Mark R. Gorman, Osrs chief executive officer.

The Osrs project includes a new building that will add more than 200 new jobs.

It also includes a $1.5 billion expansion of a major highway to connect to New Jersey and an $11.5 million expansion of the new state-owned highway connecting to Georgia, Bieser said.

Construction companies are hiring in large numbers, and Osrs says that hiring has been boosted by a new technology and more flexible construction policies that have allowed contractors to work on projects on a much shorter timeline.

Biersecker said that the Osrs and other construction companies are helping to fill the gap left by the manufacturing jobs.

Osrs recently opened a new office in Austin, Texas, that will hire about 1,000 new workers and will offer training in everything from welding to contracting, he said.

Osr is also expanding its business into energy and energy-efficiency.

It also has partnered with a variety of companies to help companies meet the new regulations, he added.

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