Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee rule that would have limited the amount of CO2 emitted from oil and gas drilling and fracking in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Republican-led committee voted 21-12 to delay the rule’s implementation and instead vote to allow a final rule.

The Senate voted 23-14 on Thursday to take up the rules, which were written in a bipartisan manner.

The rule would have required companies drilling for oil and natural gas to get permits before drilling for shale gas and other unconventional sources of oil and oil-rich gas, including shale oil and shale gas production.

Under the rule, companies drilling in unconventional areas would have to obtain permits before fracking, or the production of shale oil or shale gas in certain shale formations.

Under Senate Republicans’ rules, the drilling of shale gas would not be allowed unless companies get permission from the EPA and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The rules would have imposed a $1,000 penalty on companies that did not obtain permits or met certain other criteria.

The penalty would be paid by the company and the state.

Under President Donald Trump, who has taken a hard line against climate change and opposes a strong carbon tax, the Trump administration has proposed a slew of climate-related regulations that would further restrict energy production, including a carbon tax.

Democrats on the committee opposed the rule.

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