Construction workers in the U.S. may be on the verge of being laid off by a company that has recently laid off workers in other parts of the country.

The company that operates Turner Construction has laid off construction workers in three states in the last month, The Washington Post reported.

The layoffs come amid ongoing criticism of the company and its operations by some state officials.

Turner Construction owns several construction companies.

The company did not immediately respond to The Washington Times’ request for comment.

The Washington Post said that state officials in South Carolina have complained about the company’s use of temporary workers and said that Turner Construction should have been more careful about the safety of its workers.

The Associated Press reported that the company did hire additional safety inspectors last month.

The Associated Press wrote that the workers were not told they were being laid-off and had not been notified of their impending layoffs.

In a statement, Turner Construction said it would review the allegations and said it was taking appropriate steps to ensure that safety is maintained.

A Turner Construction worker, left, works on the construction site of a residential tower in South Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, July 8, 2018.

A construction worker, who did not want to be named, said he was working at Turner Construction in the state’s Greenville County when the company laid off the workers.

The worker said he witnessed the workers being laidoff after an inspection.

The worker said that as a subcontractor, Turner did not get paid and did not have a way to verify the workers had been paid.

The construction company did pay him a bonus, he said.

The workers were told they would receive severance, and that they could receive it if they agreed to work for Turner, the worker said.

He said they were not informed about their impending termination.

The workers were laid off around 6 p.m.

ET, according to a local news station.

A man at the site, who declined to give his name, said workers were allowed to return to work.

The construction company has not commented on the claims made by the worker.

The South Carolina Department of Health said it has launched an investigation.

A spokesperson for the department said it is working with the contractor to “identify and address any safety issues.”

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