If you have a project that needs to be done at least once per year, you’re going to need a sign.

For a little extra fun, you can get the job done by making your own sign.

You’ll need a cardboard box that fits inside, and a metal sign that’s about the same size as the box.

This is just one step to making your very own birthday sign.

Here’s how.

First, cut out a cardboard template and glue it to the box with tape.

Then put the cardboard template into the box and add the metal sign.

Use the tape to hold the cardboard in place, and then add the tape around the box itself.

The cardboard template is now ready to hang on your walls.

For the metal and cardboard templates, you’ll need to cut out the right size cardboard template.

Make sure to make the right cardboard template for your size sign.

It’s a good idea to use the right template if you’re making a very large sign or an unusual, personalized sign.

(We’re assuming that your sign is in the “sign” column of your online store’s catalog.)

Next, you will need to attach the cardboard to the cardboard box.

You can use any type of wood glue, or glue stick.

Use plastic glue, and use a small plastic bottle or jar to stick the cardboard onto the cardboard.

If you’re using a metal template, be sure to use a metal-to-metal glue stick, or plastic-to.

(Again, we’re assuming you’re in the construction column of the online store.)

You can then use the metal template as the template for the metal piece, and add your own custom detail to the metal.

For example, if you wanted to add a small “A” to the bottom of the sign, you could attach the metal to the top of the metal, or add a ribbon, and attach the plastic to the plastic.

If the sign has a “L” or “S” at the bottom, you might add an “X” to this section.

You could also use a “T” for a vertical line that runs up the sign.

Once you’ve attached the metal- to-metal and plastic- to plastic template to the inside of the cardboard, you need to drill the holes to accept the metal pieces.

(See the video below for a quick demonstration of how to attach a metal box to the wooden template.)

To attach the two metal pieces to the wood, you just need to twist the metal into place, as shown in the photo below.

The plastic template needs to sit in the cardboard and not get in the way of the wood.

You should now have a small metal sign sitting on your wall.

Next, hang the metal box and attach it to a piece of metal hardware that’s hanging from a wire frame.

Make it so that the metal is firmly anchored to the piece of hardware.

Then, make a “stair” on the other side of the piece so that it will slide down the metal ladder and attach to the other end of the wire frame, which is hanging from the top, as pictured below.

You now have two large, custom-made, birthday party signs hanging from your wall, and you have your very first sign hanging from an actual birthday tree!

Happy birthday, DIY-er!

If you want to make your own metal sign, check out this article about making your birthday cake decorations.

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