An ambitious construction crane operator has been given permission to demolish a mansion in a small town in northwest Florida that he hopes will become an art museum.

The construction company, Construction Services of Tampa, has been building the $50,000, 12-story mansion in the woods near the town of Hernando since 2011, when it was completed.

Owner Mike Kochenberg was able to sell his house in 2013 for $10 million and was ready to build the $30 million mansion on a site a few miles away from his former home.

Kochenburg and his wife are moving out after nearly 40 years, and are moving into a larger house.

His dream is to open the museum.

Construction Services of Orlando told the Orlando Sentinel that they are “very confident” that the new mansion will be able to survive the demolition.KOChenberg told the newspaper that he was “very happy to have the opportunity to open up this amazing place and hopefully create a great, beautiful art piece.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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