The Trump Organization is expanding its line of construction loans, adding new financing for new projects, including the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

The expansion comes as construction on two new projects is underway at the Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Virginia.

The Trump International Golf Course is scheduled to open in late 2018.

Trump has been building hotels at the site since 2014, and he’s already added a casino at the same site, with a planned opening in 2021.

The Trump Organization said in a statement that the new loans are available to all qualified borrowers and will be used to help finance the construction of new projects.

The company said the new financing will be in addition to existing financing for existing projects, which include the construction and rehabilitation of Trump International, The Trump National Hotel, and the Trump Marina in Washington.

In an email, the Trump Organization did not say how much the new construction loans will be worth, or whether the loans would be repaid over time.

The loans, however, do not appear to be eligible for federal tax credits.

In addition to the new Trump projects, Trump also announced new partnerships with the owners of a chain of restaurants and other businesses.

These partnerships will include the creation of new restaurants at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Trump International Drive in Washington, D.C. The restaurants, which are part of the Trump Global Initiative, will also include the opening of a new restaurant in Trump Tower.

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