New York City will need to make the most of the apartments built in the new tower, the New York Times reported.

The Times said that the new residential tower on Madison Avenue in Manhattan is going to need to be built in a different way than the one that has been done in recent years.

Instead of being built at a height of 4 stories, it will be constructed on a lower floor, which will make it easier to install new apartments on top of it, the paper reported.

While the building’s size will be lower, it’s also going to be much larger, the Times said.

This will allow the city to build the tower in a manner that is not only denser, but also safer for pedestrians and other people living in the building, the newspaper said.

New York’s apartment building boom has come to an end, the NYT reported, citing officials at the Manhattan Office of Planning.

The office was established in 2011 to oversee the construction of new buildings in New York.

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