A building collapsed on the New South Wales central coast after a social construct was built in its basement, sparking an evacuation.

Key points:Construction company in question is owned by the Queensland Government and a contractor was contracted to construct the structureIt’s not known what caused the building to collapseThe building has been declared safe for useThe ABC has contacted the Queensland Construction Engineering Company (QCE) for more information.

“We’re still in the process of contacting QCE as to exactly what caused this particular building to come down,” a QCE spokeswoman said.

“This was an engineering and construction work site.”

The building was built on a former dairy farm site and has been on a “designated site” for several years.

A spokesman for the Queensland Building Authority said the building was designed for a public use only.

“The building is in a designated site and was intended for public use, and was a designated site,” the spokesman said.QCE is not known for its quality control, but the spokesman was not able to confirm if the building had been inspected by the State Fire Service or other regulators.

“A safety assessment has been undertaken and the building has undergone an external inspection, which has not yet been completed,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesman said the QCE would have been aware of the safety risk and would have acted as soon as possible.

“There are a number of safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of our contractors,” he said.

An official said the construction company was owned by QCE and a company was contracted by the government to build the structure.”QCE does not take responsibility for any building failures that occur as a result of these activities,” the QBE spokesman said in a statement.

“When any building failure occurs, the contractor must be involved to ensure it is brought under control.”

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