A construction foreperson will start work today on a new plant that will build out the state-of-the-art $1.3 billion LNP construction facility in Newcastle.

Key points:The new plant will be the state of the art in Australia’s construction industryThe $1 billion plant will generate a whopping 1.7 million construction jobs in Newcastle in the first three yearsConstruction foreperson Rob Bunn, who is in charge of the plant, will also start work at the facility.

“It’s going to be fantastic.

We are really excited about the plant,” Mr Bunn said.

The plant, which will be built on a 10-acre site in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD, is expected to generate 1.6 million construction construction jobs over the first two years, and will generate 1 million more jobs over three years.

Construction foreman Rob Bunt was named in the new government’s first cabinet reshuffle after the Labor Party was reduced to just seven MPs in May.

Mr Bunn and the NSW Construction Industry Association have called for the government to establish a regional development bank for the region.

Mr Bunken said he wanted the state to have a competitive manufacturing industry and a good job market.

“I think it’s important for the community, it’s very important for Newcastle, it will also be important for Sydney,” he said.

“The city will be very much an economic powerhouse in the north-west of the state.”

There will be a great deal of investment in the construction industry.

“The state has about 2.2 million construction workers, about 300,000 of whom work in Newcastle’s construction sector.

Mr Brown said the new facility would be a “once in a generation opportunity” to attract more manufacturing jobs in the area.”

We are not going to lose any jobs, the state is not going any time soon,” he told the ABC.”

Our state has a tremendous opportunity to be the next manufacturing hub of Australia.

“The new facility will be one of three in the Newcastle area.

The other two, the $1bn site at Hargreaves Bay and the $300m St John’s plant, are in the western suburbs of Newcastle.

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