I built my own boots with the goal of building a good boot that would perform well on anything, even a boat, and I’m happy with my results. 

In this article I will walk you through my experience and the steps I went through to get my boots to where they are today.

I had to start somewhere.

I wanted a pair of boots that would last me a lifetime.

I needed a boot that was durable, but also could last for a long time.

My goal was to build a pair that could withstand a trip to the lake or the desert.

My first boot, the Blackjack, was made of 100% nylon, which is the same material that’s used in water shoes.

I chose to build it using a special process called fiberglass construction.

I needed to cut a hole in the upper of the shoe that would allow the nylon to pass through without breaking.

The construction process was similar to the way your average water shoe is made.

I started with two pieces of nylon and cut them down to two pieces and then welded them together with epoxy.

I then glued the two pieces together.

The process was done in a small closet so that I could store the boot in the freezer for up to a week.

I also used a few scraps of fabric and a couple of duct tape to hold the boot together.

After about two weeks, I decided to put on some weight on the foot to help make it more comfortable.

I bought a pair with a heel counter to help keep my heel from moving while walking and some socks to keep my feet dry.

I also had a couple extra pairs of running shoes that I would keep in the closet to keep the shoes dry.

After the first couple of weeks of construction, I was pretty happy with how my new boot looked.

But I knew it needed some work.

The sole was a bit rough, and there was a lot of flex in the midsole.

I decided that I needed some new rubber to improve the performance of the sole.

I grabbed some old rubber and began to look for a better substitute for the rubber that was on the Blackjacks.

I looked for a shoe made out of polyurethane, but I didn’t think it would be the right choice.

I didn.

I was wrong.

I purchased a pair from a website called FootwearSale.com.

The company was founded by an old-school boot maker named Doug.

I had to give him a shout-out because he made my first pair of Blackjack’s. 

Doug was an old man at the time and he had an amazing story.

I went over to his shop and told him I wanted to build my own pair of shoes, and he knew how to make them.

I gave him the specs and told Doug that I wanted them to be my boots for a few weeks.

The first pair was an 8.5oz pair of leather.

Doug did a good job with the design and the shoe stayed on for four days without needing to be adjusted.

While I was waiting for my pair of feet to be finished, I spent about a week trying on new shoes and finding a pair to replace the rubber in the sole of my old pair.

A week later I finally had my shoes, but they were not up to my expectations.

Doug didn’t offer me the price of the new pair, but he offered me a discount.

He offered to buy the new rubber and give me a few days to make a replacement pair, which I gladly accepted.

I got back to Doug the next day and he was more than happy to sell me his old rubber.

I finally got my replacement rubber and the rubber was much better than I expected.

Doug told me I could go ahead and buy a new pair and start again from scratch.

But I had one problem.

I still needed to make the new Rubber.

Doug and I spent several hours working on the rubber, finally having a solid rubber that I was happy with.

I ended up getting the new, slightly rough rubber and it performed like a dream.

When I went to Doug and said I wanted the Rubber, he said he was going to make my shoes a little nicer.

He was willing to cut the rubber down to make it a little easier to build and I was more willing to accept a little more rubber.

Doug told me that he had some rubber from a company called Pinnacle that was going for $35.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the price, but Doug assured me that I’d get the new version of my Rubber within two weeks.

The next day, I finally received my new rubber.

It was a little rough, but it was much improved from the previous version of the rubber.

The rubber didn’t flex as much, and it didn’t feel like the rubber I had before.

It didn’t take too long for the new shoe to get used to me

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