When I moved to Portland, the city of about 6 million people had the highest median income of any metro area.

The city has a booming economy, a burgeoning population, and a long history of welcoming refugees.

In fact, Portland is one of the only major cities in the country with an active refugee resettlement program.

But the city has some major problems with housing and homelessness.

I wanted to find out what I could do to help.

I went to the city’s refugee housing office and asked a woman named Katelyn.

Katelyns husband is in Iraq and she is a refugee herself.

She was excited to have someone in her neighborhood who would help her find housing.

The first thing she told me was that her husband was on the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in Iraq.

She said she’d been living in her house since January 2017, and was planning to move into a different house in the next few weeks.

When I asked her how much money she’d made during that time, she said it was $200 a month.

In January, a group of women gathered at a community center in the downtown area of Portland to talk about how they could help.

They said they’d found a place for their two kids in the Portland Housing Authority, a government agency.

Kalyn said that the group has about 10 women working as receptionists and aides.

But that wasn’t enough to make up for the $200 that they didn’t have.

She had to go to the homeless shelter for another $60.

A homeless shelter in Portland in January 2017.

When the shelter was first created, it was intended to house homeless families, but it’s been struggling for years to do so.

Many of the people who were housed there were people from the refugee community who had fled their homes because of the Islamic conflict in their home countries.

The shelter has been open for only a few months, but the people that Kalyns family and other refugees have been helping have been waiting for months.

They have no idea how long they will have to wait.

Katelyns family said that it has taken about four months for them to get a job.

They are a full-time job, and their pay has barely risen in the last year.

When they started receiving housing vouchers, they were told they would receive rent payments over time, but they haven’t been able to do that yet.

Kallyns mother, who is also a refugee, said that she and her family have been receiving vouchers for six months and haven’t had anything to show for it.

What’s a housing voucher?

The voucher program is meant to help people with temporary housing in a place that has a need, such as shelters, transitional housing, or transitional apartments.

A person can apply to receive one voucher per month.

People who receive vouchers are entitled to a set amount of rent, food, and other necessities, and they are supposed to pay a set percentage of the rent on their lease.

A voucher is meant for one person in a household, and the recipient of a voucher has to be in the same household for the entire time they receive it.

For example, if a person has two children, the voucher would entitle them to rent in the home for five months and pay the same percentage of rent each month for another year.

That means that the recipient would only pay $1,200 a year in rent and food, which would be a huge burden for many people who are homeless.

After six months, a voucher would be transferred to a person’s bank account, and that person would be entitled to more money each month.

The person’s monthly payment would be $1.50 per month, which is a significant amount for many of the homeless in Portland.

I also asked Katelynn what the people in her family are doing to help them pay their rent.

“We are all in a lot of debt.

We have a job, but we don’t have enough to pay for it,” she said.

“The last two months, we have a big gap in our income.

It’s just a struggle.

We are struggling.

I hope to find some way to help this family.”

How do I get a voucher?

A voucher will be available in the mail from the city.

If you are applying for a voucher, you must first apply for a rental voucher with the Housing Authority.

If the Housing Board determines that you are qualified to receive a voucher or if you are a member of a household that is homeless, you will receive a rental application form from the Housing Bureau.

If your rent is less than $3,000 a month, you’ll have to apply for another voucher.

Once you have received a voucher from the housing authority, you can apply for housing assistance.

There are several different types of housing assistance available.

For most people, the only assistance they will get is through the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

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