A construction worker dressed as a construction employee has become the latest victim of online abuse following his death.

Key points:The worker, who was in his 30s, was attacked by another person on FacebookThe victim was wearing a costume at the timeThe construction worker was in the same street as a local homeless camp and the attack happened on a busy roadThe man’s family said the attack was random and they were devastatedIt was on Sunday afternoon when a construction company employee named Chris Denton was walking with a friend down a busy section of the road in Sydney’s CBD when he saw a man dressed in a white construction costume walking past.

“The guy was in a big white construction van with the hood up and the mask on,” Mr Denton said.

“We got quite close, and then I noticed he was wearing the same outfit.”

The man then attacked Mr Dickson, who suffered a head injury.

“I’m really glad I was able to intervene,” Mr Henshaw said.

Mr Henshaws father, James, said he was stunned by the attack.

“He was just a nice man,” he said.”[He was] a nice guy.

I think he was just doing his job.”

Mr Hinshaws brother, Michael, said his brother was a skilled worker.

“Chris was a very good construction worker,” Mr Michael said.

“He was a fantastic construction worker.”

The victim’s family was shocked when they learned the attack had taken place.

“It’s just been very shocking to hear it.

I was just devastated,” Mr O’Keefe said.

Police said the man was wearing his construction work outfit at the moment of the attack, but it had been removed by the time he was attacked.

“This was an act of self defence, it’s a very cowardly act,” Inspector Jason Smith said.

Inspector Smith said the police investigation would determine whether the attack is an isolated incident or if there were other people involved.

“There are two different incidents at the scene of that incident, one that is being investigated and one that was not,” Inspector Smith said, adding that the man’s body was discovered near the construction site.

“That was a really tragic incident.”

The police investigation will also look into whether the man may have acted on his own or been targeted by other people, Inspector Smith added.

“People have been talking about that area for a while, and it’s an area where there is a lot of people, so we’re hoping that we can trace it back,” he added.

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