Bricks from the ‘Bricks of Death’ LEGO Construction set are set to be sold at the Brick City Brick Factory in Mexico.

According to the company, the bricks are part of a new collection that includes the first “Bricks Of Death” set to launch in six years.

The first “The Brick of Death” brick is set to debut at the auction on July 14, 2019.

In the following weeks, the “Brick of Death”, a set of bricks that will consist of six bricks that have been cut and assembled, will also be available.

Bricks will be auctioned for $10,000 each.

The “Bick Of Death”-set is expected to sell for around $6,000, which is approximately $200,000.

According the auction house, the sale will include a selection of Bricks of death items from around the world.

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