A video of a construction worker is making the rounds online, and it’s just what you’d expect.

In the clip, an unnamed construction worker dressed in a black suit walks through a construction site, and we get to see some very interesting scenes of construction, including one scene where he makes a new Lego brick, while another construction worker makes a huge bucket of water.

The video is created by the builders at the Lego Construction site in Florida, and was created with the help of a 3D-printing service called Shapeways.

The construction worker’s name is John Smith, and he’s a 3-D modeler for Lego and other companies.

He’s been on a career-long quest to make a 3d-printed brick that looks like the real thing, and his project is just one example of how 3D printing has transformed construction.

Smith is a member of the 3D modelers collective at 3D Systems, a 3DPrinting company based in Florida.

They are known for their model kits and 3D printers, but also for making a few of their own.

3D systems has a large network of 3D print shops, where Smith and his team can customize their kits for their customers.

When Smith first made the video, he was working with a small group of people at the site, who were making the bricks themselves.

They weren’t building the bricks from a 3ds Max model, but from their own models.

They were making a single, 3d printed brick that looked like the Lego brick in the video.

“I thought it was cool that we could have a project like that, that we had a 3DS Max model of the brick and a model of what we wanted the bricks to look like, but with 3D printed bricks,” Smith told me.

“The people at 3DP were super excited about it.

They had already built a lot of the bricks, and they knew they wanted to make some of their bricks that were 3D prints.

They said, ‘Let’s make a video.'”

The video shows the 3DS MAX model of Smith’s 3D printer, which he used to make the brick.

The 3DP modelers were able to replicate the brick in a variety of materials, including foam, wood, and plastic.

Smith says they were able for the first time to build a 3x3x3 model of his brick using only plastic.

He also notes that the Lego bricks were built using a special technique called “lithography.”

3DP uses laser engraving to print and glue the bricks onto the 3ds model, and the process was automated.

The 3D artist and the Lego builder both had a lot in common.

They both started out as 3D artists, both have an interest in Lego and were curious about 3D design.

In addition to the Brick Maker videos, 3DP also created several other Lego-related videos, like the one below.

Smith says he’s excited to see how the 3DP bricks will look and how they can be used in future projects.

“When we first saw it, it just blew us away,” he said.

“We started talking about building a 3rd-party 3D scanner and a 3DT scanner and we wanted to see if we could make a Lego brick from them.”

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