Medical News Now, November 29, 2020, 7:34:24AM ESTMedical News Today, November 28, 2020Medical News NowMedical News todayMedical News TonightMedical News tonightThe FDA is set to release a draft rule today, the first step toward rolling out the first clinical trial of a cancer drug that could make a major advance in the treatment of the deadly disease. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has already approved CRISPA, which it says is safe and effective, and the FDA expects to approve it soon. 

It’s the first time that the FDA has approved a cancer treatment for treating cancers, a group known as the “cancer subgroup.”

The FDA says CRISP will help doctors target tumors that are more easily targeted by the drug, and it’s expected to take about six months to complete. 

(This article was updated to include the DEA’s first draft rule.

It’s not yet available online.)

Medical NewsToday, November 27, 2020(This story has been updated to add a comment from the DEA.

It was previously published on November 28.)

Medical Journal of Australia and New ZealandThe Journal of Clinical Oncology has published a study in which researchers tested the safety and efficacy of CRISPER-Cas11, a gene therapy developed by Pfizer. 

A study published in the Journal of Molecular Cancer found that CRISPAR-Cas10, a type of gene therapy approved by the FDA, was safe and has limited side effects, while CRISPOR-Cas2, a variant of CRISTAR-Cas, was found to be more toxic and less effective than the other versions. 

Both drugs were found to prevent cancers from spreading. 

“The findings provide strong evidence that a gene-editing technique known as CRISPRESS can prevent the growth of cancer cells by disrupting gene-expression, or gene activity, which is crucial for their survival,” said study author Dr. J. Paul Sallis, a molecular biologist at the University of New South Wales. 

CRISPR has been used to make a number of other gene therapies. 

Its first application in humans was for the treatment in pancreatic cancer. 

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