Construction workers are getting more work during the day, even if they don’t need to.

As construction continues to move forward at the site of the proposed downtown arena, construction crews have been working on building the structure for a potential arena at the corner of First Avenue and Main Street.

The work has begun, and while it is only a few months away from completion, it is already making construction difficult.

“I have to get out in the morning, I have to put my helmet on, because it’s raining,” said one worker at a construction site that is currently being built.

“And the people in the trucks are like, ‘What is going on?

Are we getting too much work?'”

Workers are not allowed to wear protective equipment like helmets and gloves, because they are not supposed to work during rain, according to the Downtown Denver Partnership.

The group says it has been told that they may not have a permit for the equipment.

Some workers are already using their own equipment, such as shovels and heavy equipment, to clear the work area.

But that is not the only construction issue that is affecting construction workers.

Construction on the arena itself is already getting complicated.

Workers and residents are still trying to determine the best route for the arena to be built.

The city wants to move the arena up to the northeast corner of the city, where the existing arena stands.

But the city is still working to make the route work.

One of the issues that the city has is that some of the street-level construction that has already begun is not finished, according a source with knowledge of the situation.

“We’re still working out some of that, and we’ll be moving forward with that,” said the source.

The arena will have a roof on top.

The building on the north side of the arena will also have a rooftop, but the city says that it has to go through a permit process to do so.

The issue of a roof also has to do with where the building will be on the south side of Denver’s downtown.

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