Construction is the third-largest occupation in the United States, after construction workers and construction managers.

Construction workers are usually older than the average construction worker, and their salaries are much lower.

They are typically employed by companies that specialize in construction, such as construction contractors, construction managers, and construction contractors.

The average construction salary is $49,900.

This is the lowest of the three construction occupations in the US.

Construction managers and construction supervisors make a higher salary than construction workers, typically $55,000 to $60,000, and often earn a higher annual salary.

In the past, construction was the preferred occupation for those with higher levels of education and more years of experience.

But today, it is largely the occupation of older workers and those with less education.

For instance, those with a bachelor’s degree make up less than 15 percent of the workforce, and those who have a high school diploma make up only 12 percent of construction workers.

Construction companies typically require applicants to take a test to get into the industry.

In some cases, companies require applicants with specific skills, such to construction managers and project managers.

The majority of construction jobs in the country are in construction management and construction management contractors.

These jobs typically do not require a college degree or a high level of education, but instead provide some specialized experience that allows them to provide a better career in construction.

There are also some positions in the construction industry that require more education than the rest of the construction jobs.

For example, construction supervisors are required to have a bachelor of science degree.

Many companies require candidates to take the test before being hired.

Most construction managers are required by their companies to have at least a bachelor degree.

Some companies also require applicants who pass the test to take some additional classes to demonstrate they have the right skills to manage the project and build the project.

Construction is a highly competitive occupation, with the highest pay and benefits for workers.

The U.K. is one of the few countries that does not require workers to pass a specific test to become a construction manager.

The median annual salary for a construction supervisor is $74,400, while the average annual salary of a construction worker is $62,900, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A construction manager is typically responsible for coordinating the overall project.

He or she has the responsibility for scheduling work and ensuring it is completed as planned.

Construction jobs in other countries are more expensive.

In China, the median annual pay is $80,000 and the average salary is about $66,700.

In India, the lowest-paid construction job is $56,100, according the Bureau.

In Japan, the average wage is about 50 percent higher than the median in the USA.

In Germany, the highest-paid jobs are usually located in construction-related sectors.

The most popular construction jobs are in Germany, Japan, and China.

In Australia, the most popular jobs are construction managers who have expertise in the logistics and construction of high-rise buildings.

In South Africa, the second-most popular construction job are construction supervisors.

Construction and infrastructure projects in the Netherlands and the UK also provide a lot of opportunities for those who are looking to earn more money and become better professionals.

Construction projects in Australia also often provide a good income.

The annual average wage for construction jobs is $60-70,000 in the Australian capital city of Melbourne.

In London, construction is a popular occupation for younger workers, who tend to have lower levels of experience and who may have less education and experience in the industry than their older counterparts.

Construction salaries in the UK have declined over the past decade, as more people have graduated from high school.

In 2012, construction jobs were the most sought after occupation in England, with more than 4 million construction jobs available.

Construction in the past two years has seen the lowest number of jobs since the recession began.

In 2014, construction in England saw the highest number of job openings since 2010.

In 2016, construction has seen a rebound, with job openings in England climbing 4 percent compared to 2015.

Construction has become the most common occupation in Scotland in the last few years, with an increase in construction jobs since 2014.

Construction employs more than 5 million people in the European Union, and more than 1 million construction workers are employed in the countries of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In addition, there are some construction jobs that are not considered construction-based, such in health care, and in retail.

For more information about the construction job market, visit the Bureau’s Construction Jobs page.

Construction Jobs by Job Description Source National Review article Construction workers earn an average of $50,000 a year, with salaries ranging from $50 to $65,000.

Construction supervisors and construction executives earn between $50 and $60.

Construction contracts for a project typically include a variety of requirements including completion of a building project, securing insurance, constructing, and maintaining the project site.

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