A construction estimator has released an update on the state of construction on the proposed Cascades National Monument in Washington State.

The Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service have both issued new recommendations for the proposed new monument, which is expected to open to visitors in early 2019.

The agency has been working on the project since December 2015, and it has been scheduled to open for public access in 2020.

But the agency’s latest estimate says that it would cost $11.4 billion to construct the monument, with construction expected to take at least 20 years. 

“In order to ensure public safety, public access to the monument and public access and enjoyment of the landscape are required, which means that it will take at most 10 years for the monument to be fully operational,” the new report said.

The report said that the most recent assessment was released in October 2016, and that it had been “shelved in” the bureau’s Office of Inspector General.

The current status of the project, which was announced in April, is unclear, and there is no timeline for when the monument will open to public access.

The agency said it has “a great deal of information to share” about the project and “continues to work with partners to complete a project that will provide the greatest benefit to the state.”

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