Construction sand has become the most common material for building a building in Jerusalem.

The construction sand is made up of cementitious materials and mixed with sand and clay to create a “soft” and “stiff” building.

According to Israel’s Civil Protection, a building must be constructed on a “dry concrete foundation.”

The process starts by laying down a layer of cement over a layer that is not used.

The concrete layer is then poured over the sand and the mixture is heated to the same temperature as the sand.

The process continues until the mixture becomes a soft and stiff material.

The hard sand is then pulled out and mixed into the soft layer.

A new layer of concrete is then placed over the old one.

The sand is mixed with clay to form a softer building.

The “soft sand” is then filled with cement to create the concrete base.

According a statement from the Civil Protection Authority, this process is known as “segregation” and it is used for construction on “dry foundations.”

The Civil Protection’s statement does not specify the size of the building, but the statement says that construction sand can be up to 3 feet tall.

This article originally appeared on The Jerusalem Report.

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