A new building will be put up in a former prison building in Dublin for people who have mental health difficulties.

Dublin City Council has approved the building, which will be part of the site where the former Castlebar Prison and Youth Services Institution was.

The site, which was part of an industrial estate in the city’s Northside, has since been sold to private developer Cawthra.

The council said the project would create 250 jobs in the surrounding area.

A spokesperson for the city said the building would have a roof deck that could accommodate up to 10 people and would be able to accommodate up the number of people who needed to live there.

The project has already been awarded €300,000 in funding.

The area is currently home to more than 300 people who are currently being housed in the facility, which has been closed since the death of the former guard in November.

Dubois County Council said it was working closely with the council to ensure it complied with its housing regulations and was providing the required assistance to address the needs of those with mental illness.

The authority has already given out €6.6 million in grants for mental health services to people who were in the facilities.

The building will have a single floor with a double bed, two shower and a kitchen area.

It will be a four-storey building with four separate levels, with the most recent level being the first floor.

A total of 2,200 beds will be provided, with a further 1,400 beds in the future.

The development will be situated on the land currently occupied by the Castlebar prison and Youth services institution, which closed in November 2016.

The land has been sold and will be developed to the highest standards and standards for public amenity, including access to the local water and sewerage system.

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