The 2018 season has begun, and with the first round of golf in the books, the pros and cons of the US Open and Masters being decided, and a slew of other tournaments to take place around the world, it’s time to put together a list of the best US golf facilities for 2018.

First, the rankings:1.

Old Course 2.

Brierfield Course 3.

Bowery Course 4.

Oakmont CourseThere’s no shortage of golf facilities around the country, and the best courses in the country are typically located near major cities.

But in 2018, the best golf facilities are scattered throughout a few of the country’s largest cities:Los Angeles, Dallas, San Antonio, and San Diego are the only cities that offer the highest ranking for each of the major facilities, as well as a few smaller cities that are ranked lower.

Los Angeles has a strong reputation for hosting major events such as the USGA Championship, Ryder Cup, and Ryder Cup Playoffs, and it’s one of the most popular courses in all of golf, with a high average attendance.

Bitter Lake Golf Club in San Diego is one of those places where there is a good chance that you’ll get a great time, but there’s a bit of a drop off at Oakmont, which is located just off the freeway in downtown Los Angeles.

Dallas, which hosted the Masters in 2021, is also a major destination, and that is largely because of the city’s reputation for producing top players, with the likes of Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, and Dustin Johnson.

San Antonio and its surrounding areas are the second- and third-largest golf communities in the US, and are home to some of the world’s best players.

The most popular course in the state is the 18th-ranked Parc Royal, and there are a few other courses like The Lake, The Park, and The Woods that can be found in the surrounding area.

Oakmont is an attractive course for players to play on, but you won’t find a lot of major tournament play here.

The golf community here is quite large, with several courses and golf courses, including The Woods, The Lake and The Park.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Briermont, a course that opened in 2008, offers a similar experience to Oakmont and is one to consider.

Bowery is another popular course for a number of reasons.

Located in a relatively rural area of the state, it is home to a number professional golfers, including Rory McAlpine and Justin Rose.

Bowers is also the site of The Masters.

The courses have also been used for the Masters Tournament, which has featured some of Texas’ best golfers.

The course is also well-known for hosting The Ryder Cup and is well known for hosting several of the biggest tournaments of the year, including the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the Arnold Classic, and Nike’s PGA Championship.

The Oaks are a popular course that hosts the US Masters and is located in the heart of the Dallas area.

This is one course that will get a lot more attention as the season progresses, and players will get to experience a lot less of the grassy greens and fairways of The Oaks as the seasons progresses.

If you’re thinking about a golf course for the 2018 season, then Oakmont would be the place to be.

If golf is your thing, then you’ll definitely want to look into The Oaks.


Braidwood CourseBraidwood is a short, wide course in Texas that features a couple of very challenging par-5 holes. 

There are three par-4 holes, and one of them is a tough par-3 that requires a great stroke to win.

This will certainly test a player’s ability, and those that are willing to put in the work will have a lot to prove.

One thing to note is that the courses course is quite flat in 2018.

The elevation change on the fairway at the 2018 Masters is a whopping 1,300 feet, so players will need to make sure to have their ball well under control at all times. 

Braidwoods is a great course for people looking for an adventure to their golf outing. 

This course features a fairway with a good view of the water, with easy access to the tees and fairway. 

It’s also a great place to practice your swing and the fundamentals of golf. 

The holes on the course are not overly difficult, with one of three par 5s being a little challenging. 

While there is no hole in the park, there are plenty of holes to enjoy on the 18-hole course.

The greens on the Braidwoods course are fairly easy, and they offer some of those more challenging par 5 holes that are a little tougher. 

On the par-7, the ball will have to

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