The first major new construction project in Brisbane’s CBD since the Queensland government began approving public-private partnerships for a new $5 billion arena for the Queensland Reds has been approved by the Queensland Planning Authority.

The new arena, called the Brisbane Stampede, is expected to be open in 2021, and is set to be the first privately financed arena in the country.

It is expected that construction of the arena will be completed by 2021, the Queensland Government announced in January.

But the project was not approved by Queensland’s Planning Authority in April, and the project has been languishing in limbo for months.

It was also unclear if the arena’s opening date would be pushed back to 2021, or if the project would have to be restarted in 2021 if the state were to receive another $5 million to fund it.

It’s a problem Queensland has had since the end of the Victorian drought, when more than 200,000 people were left homeless by the bushfires that ravaged the state.

The Queensland government has also been facing a shortage of public-sector jobs in recent months, with Queensland Labor and the Nationals facing off in the upcoming state election.

Labor’s Joe Hockey and the Liberal Party have promised to make public sector jobs more attractive to Australians.

The government has said it wants to make the state more competitive with regional Queensland and New South Wales in the construction industry, which has historically been dominated by private sector.

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