After months of waiting, builders finally have a chance to finish their projects.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) said Monday that construction simulators were the best way to start building in America.NAHB, which has about 7,600 members in the U.S., announced the winners of a $2 million contest that pitted builders against each other.

The competition was open to all qualified applicants and would not require approval from the U,S.

government, said Joe Cottom, president of NAHB.NABs first construction simulator was created in 2011, and it has become one of the most popular, with more than 20,000 homes built through it.

“I think it’s a great tool for people to learn about the process of building, especially as it pertains to homeownership,” said Kevin Haggerty, a software developer and construction manager for the builder site

“You get to build and see the homes in a real environment,” he added.

“People love it, because it helps them understand what it’s like to build a home.”

The winner of the contest is James F. Smith, an engineer from Michigan who said the simulation was “excellent” for getting to know the process and was especially helpful when he had to find financing.

Smith said the simulator allowed him to “readjust” the design and build the home, but also help him understand the different financing options available to builders.

The builder had to learn all about building homes before he could qualify for financing.

“The challenge was to get it all to go smoothly and without too much drama,” he said.

Smith, who is also the president of the North Carolina Homebuilders Association, was able to finish his project because he had access to funds available to the project.

He said that after he finished his project, he started thinking about buying a home.

He decided to build an 11,000-square-foot home in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a deck with a swimming pool.

He was able do that because of the support provided by the NAHB, he said, and the program is the perfect vehicle for a person who wants to start out on a home building path.

“For people who don’t have the experience to go out and build and understand the process, it’s great,” Smith said.

“It allows them to be able to understand how to do the process.”

The NAHB is a national nonprofit organization that promotes building, home design and construction and offers training programs for home builders.NABH has also helped many other builders by offering a $25,000 grant to help with the cost of a simulator, which is also available through the NABs website.

The NAHB said it plans to continue the support program through the end of the year.

The winners of the NABH’s competition were also announced on Monday, with former housebuilder Tom O’Hara winning the National Homebuilder of the Year Award.

O’Harah was one of a handful of former builders to win the award, which was announced this year to honor the nation’s top builders and builders who have made the biggest difference in the lives of Americans.

The award goes to builders who work with builders on their homes.

The NABHS has had a lot of success in recent years, said David Pomerantz, the NABO’s president.

The organization has about 25,000 members and is the largest professional association for building professionals in the country, with about 2,500 members from 50 states and Washington, D.C. Pomerants office in Washington, DC, handles all of the organization’s membership and fundraising efforts.

The top NABO awards are also awarded annually to people who have changed the landscape of the building trade or helped change the industry.

O’Brien won the NA Builder of the Century award last year for helping to change the landscape for the industry by leading the way on the use of 3-D printing and automated construction.

“Tom has helped build a whole new generation of builders,” said Pomeranz.

“I am sure that he will be a model for many of his successors.”

The construction simulator competition also attracted two former construction managers from the construction industry.

A former house builder named Mark O’Donnell, who was the founder of the home builder firm IHomes and is now a real estate investor, won the award for the first time.

He is the former president of A.B.C., a real-estate investment company.

He said he wanted to work with NAHB because it provides a “safe environment” for the builders.

“They want to do this for their members, and that is really important to me,” he told reporters.ODonnell said he’s looking forward to building more homes through NAHB and said he’ll continue to make sure the organization “is always working to get builders the most bang for their buck

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