Construction industry salary statistics provide an interesting glimpse into the pay gaps for the construction industry.

Salary ranges vary widely across the industry, ranging from $49,000 to $118,000.

These salaries are based on a variety of factors, including experience, experience, and responsibilities.

The number of positions in the construction field is increasing and that trend will continue, which means more positions in construction are being filled.

However, for every job created, there are hundreds of other jobs that have not yet been filled.

Here are the construction salary numbers that are right for you, whether you’re looking for a career in construction, or you want to get your foot in the door.


Building Materials and Materials Services Construction Management salaries range from $52,000 – $115,000, depending on the level of responsibility and responsibilities involved.

They include salaries for all levels of the construction workforce, including apprentices, contractors, project managers, construction supervisors, and others.

The most common jobs that can be found in construction include: • Construction of foundations • Construction and grading of buildings • Building inspection and maintenance • Contractor/contractor services and subcontractors • Building repair and maintenance (including paint and construction services) • Structural engineering • Water supply/distribution • Contractors for construction projects (including demolition, landscaping, and plumbing) • Construction/maintenance work for large structures (such as buildings and highways) • Work for other organizations such as construction companies, hotels, restaurants, or other hospitality or food service businesses (such to help the employer meet staffing needs) 2.

Materials and Components Manufacturing Engineering salaries range between $52 to $117,000 per year, depending upon the degree of responsibility required.

They range from the most basic of construction materials such as plywood and sheet metal to advanced materials such a stainless steel fabrication system, electrical systems, and so on.

Many positions are found in the fabrication industry, but the positions can be filled in a variety other fields.

Some of the jobs in this field include: – Construction of prefabricated structures – Structural support systems for construction – Material handling and assembly for construction equipment – Machine tools, electrical, mechanical, and chemical equipment assembly and repair for construction materials – Electrical and electronic equipment assembly for industrial and aerospace applications – Structures assembly and construction for industrial, industrial, and transportation applications 3.

Plumbing and Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance Construction Engineer salaries range in the range of $52-100,000 for a bachelor’s degree or above.

Some positions are filled entirely in construction and some jobs are filled in other fields as well.

Construction and engineering careers are becoming increasingly popular, which is good news for the job market.

The construction industry is undergoing a renaissance and this is one of the great times to be in construction.

The growth of this industry has been fueled by the advent of advanced technologies, which has resulted in a need for more skilled workers.

The industry is booming and will continue to grow.

There are more jobs available now than ever before.

The job market for this field is not set in stone and there is always a chance of getting an offer that fits your career goals and interests.

Some careers in construction will require more specialized skills, but those who are in this business will enjoy their work and can take pride in what they have accomplished.


Machining, Manufacturing, and Electrician Jobs Building, assembly, and repair of large-scale machinery are the four key skills needed for a construction job.

The jobs of these workers are becoming more diverse, and there are more opportunities to find a job that fits into your career.

Some jobs require experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, but many of these positions are open to those who have no experience in these fields.

These positions will pay better than other types of jobs and the more qualified applicants will receive a higher salary.


Electrical Engineering Jobs Electrical engineers are a highly skilled profession, which can include electrical and electronic engineering, computer and information technology, and telecommunications engineering.

Electrical engineers can include technicians, installation specialists, and electricians.

These careers are growing in importance and the demand for these skills is increasing, as the need for them increases.

The average salary for electrical engineers ranges from $59,000-$140,000 and the average starting salary for a technician is $60,000-100

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