FourFour2: Five reasons why construction pants are bad

Construction pants are a major problem for many Australians.They’re worn during construction, often on busy streets or on busy construction sites.They also come in handy during the hot, dry months of the year.Here’s five reasons why they’re bad for you.Construction pants and construction site heat A construction site may have a hot, sticky surface that makes it very hard for […]

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How to save $2,000 per year on your house with a 3D printer

You’ve got a house that’s got tons of plumbing, and you’re still saving money by using a 3d printer.But you’re also losing some of that money by not having it built on a pre-existing foundation.That’s because, unlike in a traditional home, there’s no standard way to place a 3 d printer in your home.Instead, you’ll have to decide what you […]

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