How to save $2,000 per year on your house with a 3D printer

You’ve got a house that’s got tons of plumbing, and you’re still saving money by using a 3d printer.But you’re also losing some of that money by not having it built on a pre-existing foundation.That’s because, unlike in a traditional home, there’s no standard way to place a 3 d printer in your home.Instead, you’ll have to decide what you […]

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Contracting firm names balloon frame for $15M project

Balloon frame construction company Balloon Frame Construction has announced that it has signed a contract for $14 million to construct a $15 million balloon frame in Lakeland, Florida.The project is part of the company’s efforts to build a new facility for balloon makers in the Florida Keys.Balloon Frame has completed two balloon frame projects for companies including the University of […]

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How to build a balloon frame for $300,000

I’m building a balloon for my father.It will make a great home theater.It’s an example of what I like to call the balloonist’s art.I call it the balloon frame.I have seen balloonist builds before.There are balloonist builders who want to build their own balloon frames for less than $300.But it’s rare for a builder to make a complete home theater […]

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