How to get a more durable, strong, and cheap construction adhesive

Building adhesive is becoming an increasingly popular material for construction.Many companies are now using them for their concrete, plywood, and other construction products.They are also becoming popular for home construction.They’re great for removing debris and making sure your home is secure.And, they are cheap!To get a durable adhesive that won’t wear down over time, they’re great when you want to […]

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How to make sure you don’t build a $50 million demolition project in your backyard

An ambitious construction crane operator has been given permission to demolish a mansion in a small town in northwest Florida that he hopes will become an art museum.The construction company, Construction Services of Tampa, has been building the $50,000, 12-story mansion in the woods near the town of Hernando since 2011, when it was completed.Owner Mike Kochenberg was able to […]

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