What is a Blue Book?

I know, I know.You’ve probably never heard of blue books, but there they are.I have been meaning to put them together for a while, and I’m glad that I finally did.Blue books are an important tool for anyone who wants to design and construct something, but most people don’t know how to use them properly.They’re simple and they’re not complicated.If […]

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How to hire a contractor with a ‘construction temps agency’ salary

Construction temps agencies are employed to help with construction projects.They are paid $35,000 per year to do the work, and $10,000 for each subcontractor they hire.Some companies even pay contractors $10 an hour to work on projects.But for contractors, they can earn anywhere from $35k to $50k per year.The average contractor salary for 2016 was $52,600.The American Construction Association estimates […]

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How to find an architect for your next football pitch

Construction, construction work boots and construction work footwear are all over the landscape.But what about women in construction?The article examines what it takes to become an architect in Italy, from getting an architect license to finding a suitable partner.In addition, the article includes tips for the prospective architect as well as some practical advice.Source: Football Italias

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