Which is the Best and Worst of the Construction Jobs in the U.S.?

Construction is the third-largest occupation in the United States, after construction workers and construction managers.Construction workers are usually older than the average construction worker, and their salaries are much lower.They are typically employed by companies that specialize in construction, such as construction contractors, construction managers, and construction contractors.The average construction salary is $49,900.This is the lowest of the three construction […]

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When the construction industry gets hit with its own construction-related crisis

A new crisis in the construction sector is brewing as the construction construction industry has been hit with an unexpected downturn.This is particularly true for construction workers, who are now facing a new recession after the economic downturn of 2016.But that is not the whole story.What’s happening to construction workersIn the first three months of 2017, there were a total […]

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