Wristbands with QR code and Bitcoin address, now available in Australia

An Australian woman has created a wristband that scans QR codes, and sends the data to Bitcoin address when it’s placed in the reader.The “BitPay QR Code Scanner” can be used to scan QR codes to receive payments for goods and services, and can be linked to any credit or debit card on the QR code reader’s display.The bracelet is […]

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FourFour2: Five reasons why construction pants are bad

Construction pants are a major problem for many Australians.They’re worn during construction, often on busy streets or on busy construction sites.They also come in handy during the hot, dry months of the year.Here’s five reasons why they’re bad for you.Construction pants and construction site heat A construction site may have a hot, sticky surface that makes it very hard for […]

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Which is better: a denim pair or a pantsuit?

Construction pants are often considered one of the most underutilized items in the construction industry, but they can still be a good investment if you’re willing to spend a little extra.While they may look similar, they’re actually two different things.The fabric and construction are vastly different.Construction pants can be a bit of a pain in the butt to get to […]

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