How to Get Rich in Residential Construction

The article says, “We want to make you rich.You’re going to need it, but it’s not going to be easy.” It is worth noting that the authors of the book, The Art of Wealth Management, and a host of others, including Warren Buffett, have been highly critical of the practice of building homes as investments. In particular, Buffett has said, “There’s nothing wrong […]

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How to be a better employee: How to stay ahead of your competitors

A new study by construction management consulting firm McKinsey & Foerster shows that while employees may be better suited for certain jobs, they are far less likely to be able to make it through their career as a contractor.In fact, McKinsey’s study shows that nearly 40 percent of contractors are underrepresented in the workforce.While there are exceptions, McKinley’s report found […]

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