When you’re not working, where do you play?

It was the day after Christmas when a new batch of turners were rolled out from the factory of the company that makes them.The company that supplies them, Turner Construction, was celebrating its 10th birthday.The factory is one of several in the world where factories are now turning to technology to help turn their output into toys.The robots have become […]

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How to hire a contractor with a ‘construction temps agency’ salary

Construction temps agencies are employed to help with construction projects.They are paid $35,000 per year to do the work, and $10,000 for each subcontractor they hire.Some companies even pay contractors $10 an hour to work on projects.But for contractors, they can earn anywhere from $35k to $50k per year.The average contractor salary for 2016 was $52,600.The American Construction Association estimates […]

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