How to Make Your First $500,000 from Building a New Business

A year ago, I was writing a column for The Huffington Report about how to make a business start-up with $500k.Since then, I’ve learned how to do just about everything that is possible, but I still haven’t made that kind of money.It was not until a month ago that I learned that my $500K in financing has not only made […]

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How to construct a 3D printer using a 3-D printer?

The 3D printing technology has the potential to radically change the way we live and work.And the next generation of machines that will power the future could make printing the world’s future a whole lot easier.According to the National Science Foundation, the potential for 3D printers has been explored since the 1970s, and they have become a big part of […]

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Which banks are the best to borrow from?

The latest data shows that most banks offer a decent credit score, but there are some banks that have very high loan-to-value ratios.According to a recent survey by The Economist, only seven banks offer the best credit scores in the country.This is particularly true for banks that are located in coastal areas, where they are most likely to experience a […]

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