How to build a new Texas construction zone

The Texas Legislature on Monday gave final approval to a bill that would allow the construction of new housing in the construction zone in the state.The bill was approved by the House Rules Committee, where Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, R-El Paso, was a member, and the House Finance Committee, which is controlled by Straus.It also cleared the Senate, where […]

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How to make a Lego construction estimator

article When the Lego builders were making their construction estimators for the Lego construction industry, the guys making the estimators had no idea how to accurately determine how much the Lego project would cost.I mean, they didn’t even know what Lego construction is.They were just estimating how much would be in the estimate, and it’s very hard to do that.But […]

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Why Austin is so bad for construction workers

There are plenty of reasons why Austin is the most expensive city in the nation to build a home, but there are a lot more than just the construction industry to blame.Austin’s residents are more likely to suffer from chronic health problems, and the city’s high rates of asthma and other respiratory diseases, according to a new report.It’s a story […]

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